In this Share Your Light bonus episode, we welcome Rod Bice of 2 Crazy Crystal Guys!

Rod grew up in Florida with his mother’s six siblings and several cousins, a grandmother who was half Seminole Indian and half English, and a German grandfather. While growing up, Rod was seeing spirits and knowing things without understanding where the information came from or why others were not having the same experiences. He believes some of his mother’s family were intuitive, but that was never discussed. While Rod continued having these experiences, he never talked about them.  This eventually led Rod into a dark space that later resulted in a near death experience. 

After his near death experience, Rod knew he could not continue to ignore his gifts and must start learning how to live with these experiences and how to use them for the greatest good for all. He now uses his gifts to provide clarity for those in need. As part of this journey Rod began learning about crystals and how to use them as a tool for protection, manifesting, strength, courage and so much more. This led to a love and passion for crystals that he wanted to share. 

Rod has been with his husband, David, an amazing teacher, for 19 years.  He has two successful kids, Ryan and Emily. In December 2021, Rod made the decision with the support of his husband to follow his heart and share his love of crystals with others.  He opened 2 Crazy Crystal Guys to help others find the right crystals for them, to provide education about crystals and to develop a community of like-minded people.    Each month the number of people the shop reaches continues to grow.  2 Crazy Crystal Guys is a complete metaphysical shop with workshops and community groups.

Rod also obtained a Master’s of Science in Nursing and a Master’s Degree in Healthcare Administration. He has been in hospital and corporate executive roles for more than 20 years.

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