Welcome to another Share Your Light bonus episode where we highlight members of our Enlightened Empaths community of listeners. Today we’re excited to welcome Susie Price!

Susie is an intuitive and free-thinker, currently living in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and two kids. She’s the host of Spiritual Freedom Podcast – a podcast devoted to all things spiritual and metaphysical – where she holds space to normalize the “weird” of a spiritual journey and encourage the release of limiting beliefs and dogma. 

She has come a long way from a childhood of conservative religious beliefs in her home state of Texas, where she started her career as a corporate and insurance defense attorney. Susie now offers personal readings from her website where she combines her intuitive and mediumship skills, as well as astrology knowledge to provide spiritual and energetic help to others. 

Susie is also a contributor and member of the Moon Lodge (Jenifer Edwards’ astrological/spiritual online community) where she gives moon energy readings for the collective.  You can find her Spiritual Freedom Podcast on apple, google and Spotify podcast platforms. 

**To access Susie’s very generous offer of 25% for Enlightened Empaths listeners: use the Coupon Code DENISEISRAD**

Ways to Reach Susie: 

Website: www.SpiritualFreedomPodcast.com

YouTube channel/Facebook page: Spiritual Freedom Podcast

Instagram: @SpiritualFreedomPodcast

Planned offerings:  Zoom classes on psychic protection (late fall)