Welcome to another Share Your Light bonus episode where we highlight people who are making a difference and helping to raise the vibration!

BenAnna Band is a children’s band that focuses on inclusion and music for all ages, abilities and identities. Both members, Ben and Anna, work in the fields of Early Childhood Education and Music Therapy, so their music as the BenAnna Band reflects their experience and passion for learning, fun, and growth, adding a hearty dash of good old-fashioned silliness while being auditory and sensory aware of their audience’s needs! BenAnna Band was created in September 2019 and has evolved through the past two years to continue to provide musical resources for kiddos, families, teachers and therapists around the nation that promote self love, acceptance and silliness while addressing developmental and academic skills and goal areas. BenAnna Band is on all music streaming platforms with their original music including their most recent release “Sounds of the Seasons”.  

For more information or to contact the BenAnna Band: https://www.benannaband.com/