In this episode, we are honored to welcome Sarah McInnis! At the heart of her work, Sarah is a songwriter, co-creator, and believes in the profound power of storytelling for healing. 

In April 2021 Sarah began The Legacy Song Project, writing original songs for folks at the end-of-life, and for folks who have lost loved ones. For the past year she has been working on an off-shoot of the wider project: Sarah, and filmmakers, Aly Kelly and Pat LePoidevin, teamed up to interview four individuals at end-of-life and four who have lost loved ones, representing all four Atlantic Canadian provinces. In this evocative short film and live musical performance, they capture stories about the universal experiences of loss and how songwriting can be used as a bridge to connect us with our loved ones, past and present. Featuring the profound stories of 8 Atlantic Canadians, The Legacy Song Project: Atlantic Chapter is an exploration of death, dying, grief, loss, and love, through the transformational lenses of documentary film and songwriting. Sarah resides in the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia, Canada.


Link to Tickets: Sarah McInnis – Ticket & Venue Info for The LSP: Atlantic Chapter