Before every reading or group of readings, I do a prayer and meditation as a signal to Spirit that I’m ready to be in the zone. An important part of this is asking for help in getting my ego out of the way so I can bring through messages rather than come from a place of my own past or experiences. If I do get a flash of a situation or time in my life, it often correlates to similar circumstances, feelings, or emotions the person is experiencing.

Several people have asked me how to tell the difference between ego and intuition. The most frequent question seems to be:  “How do I know I’m not just making this up in my head?” As the energies shift and propel us forward, more and more people are feeling a surge in their own intuition and innate knowing.  Another common statement is along the lines of: “I know that’s what he’d say so I’m convincing myself that’s what I’m hearing.” If any of this sounds familiar, you’ve probably battled those demons of ego that will instantly denounce any intuitive hits.

When you are trying to justify or rationalize a decision, you are operating from a place of logic. Inference is the logical conclusion based on previous knowledge or assumptions. You can’t be in the moment with ego, it’s always operating in the past of what did happen or the future of what might happen.  Fear based reminders of past experiences can be a prevention to repeating horrific situations, but more often than not, they are what keep us stuck in the past afraid to move forward. If you’re trying to make a decision and keep vacillating or are feeling anxious and unsure, a great benchmark to know if you’re operating from a place of ego is it depresses you to think it’s the right answer and you’re going to have to do it.

Whereas the ego will jump around when you’re trying to find an answer, intuition will keep giving you the same answer over and over.  It will feel more direct, calm, peaceful, and confident. We’ve all heard the didn’t get on the plane, took a different way home, called my friend at the exact right time stories.  These come out of the blue, feel right and true, and you just “know”. It’s a very distinctive feeling that often isn’t logical but protects your soul’s journey.

“If I am meant to do this, please show me a sign I’ll understand.”  Divine guidance from Spirit brings us signs and omens.  Intuition is your higher self who I believe works in tandem with divinity and Spirit.  Ego is that lovely monkey mind which will make us batshit and doubt the hell out of ourselves!  When you attempt to step out of your comfort zone, chances are pretty good that you’ll start the loop tape of all the negative reasons why it’s a really bad idea or will never work. The ego wants approval and security. Leaps of faith rarely come with either.

The proverbial “gut feeling” corresponds to your third chakra, which is where your will, power and assertiveness originate. This Solar Plexus chakra is located along the spine two or three inches above your belly button. It can be weakened by shame, embarrassment and self-consciousness. Physically it supports your liver, gall bladder, stomach, pancreas and spleen.  Signs of a weak third chakra may be feeling powerless, ashamed, fear based, and being highly goal oriented.  All are egoistic responses.

The most intuitive part of the day is in the lull of gray time when we are going to sleep and waking up. It can be that split second between remembering a dream in detail only to lose it to worries about what’s ahead in the day. By writing down what comes to you in dreams or during these lull times, you are creating the intention with your higher self for more synchronicity and intuitive hits. Listen without judgment. Work at shutting off your inner critic. Meditate. Use guided imagery to open your imagination in a way that allows easier access to the intuitive voice.

Ego leaves us wanting more while intuition appreciates what we already have in the moment. Ego wants notoriety, revenge, status, money and other forms of extrinsically based results. Intuition comes from the heart and seeks happiness and fulfillment from within. When it thrills you to think it’s the right answer and you’re going to have to do it, that’s a good hit!