The past couple months have been an absolute richter scale for many highly sensitive people.  One day has been marked with an infallible sense of being on the right track then literally the next becoming overwhelmed with self-doubt and fear based limitations.

Throughout this there has been almost a sense of urgency to make the most of the time left on the planet and to figure out how to best be of service.  A thin tendril connecting all of this together has been questioning ,”What do I want for me?”  Not in an egotistical or selfish way, but in a way that honors who we are and what we came here to accomplish.

The fragility and illusion of time tempered with trying to align our soul and life work has been leading many to the edge of their comfort zone.

Life is about change or stagnancy. When you are able to connect and develop a strong sense of self and in turn better resiliency, you are able to validate your own worth rather than waiting for someone else to provide support and approval of your choices.  As we each step into our own truth as if for the first time, we are faced with seeing our lives and existence not only as an extension of what we have previously been but more so as a blueprint for the next phase of our evolution.

Releasing a past that no longer fits,  we look ahead with trepidation of where to go next. Here are 4 ways to step into your truth with renewed confidence:

  1. Accept who you are at this moment. We’re all reacting to energies that can become empowering or leave us in a state of fear based procrastination. When you take a moment to access where you are here and now, without judgment or blame, you allow yourself to be present to initiate desired changes.
  2. Acknowledge who you are. What do you stand for? Believe in? Live by? The beauty of standing in your own light to answer this questions frees you to begin the next leg of the journey with strength, determination, and purpose.
  3. Define your truth.  Is there a fear of judgment? Have previous definitions or denials buried your truth and sense of autonomy? Are you strong enough with yourself to go it alone and deviate from the accepted norm?
  4. Love loudly and proudly.  Be honest and don’t hide behind who you may have been or who people expected you to be.  As we are all nudged, cajoled, or shoved by Spirit to step into our own, we make a conscious choice to do it with grace or kicking and screaming. Either way, it’s about loving yourself and honoring that who you innately are as a human on this planet is perfectly planned and orchestrated to go with your life lessons and experiences.


Every day we’re given the opportunity to take ourselves to the next level. Many ask:  “If money were no object, what would you do?” This is undoubtedly part of the equation to have a balanced life and existence but by relegating our dreams and choices to a monetary value, we may step down before we even start the journey. Maybe the second part of the question needs to be, “What would you do if you didn’t care what other people thought or said?”

Connecting with conviction and strength to your inner knowing while living in a place of truth, feels good, whole, easy and unexplainably right. Despite uncertainties or insecurities that may test your resolve, the only solution is to return to a place of love. Return to the peace of knowing your path is just that, yours alone.  It may not make sense to someone else but if you have found it to be yours, own it.  Fight the paralyzing impact of perfectionism, fear of failure, fear of success, or the anxiety that you may disappoint someone or embarrass yourself. Is it vulnerable? Is it scary as hell? Does it elicit the physical symptoms of anxiety and stress? More than likely, the answer to all three is yes.  But more importantly it is the ticket to freeing yourself to live your life with more joy, purpose, enjoyment and love.


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