Please join Samantha and Denise in welcoming Thomas Miller! 

Thomas Miller is the author of Fear Buster and Subconscious Mind Mastery of Getting Rich which is coming out soon.  He also hosts the podcasts Subconscious Mind Mastery and Fun Astrology as well as co-hosting Old Soul, New Soul with Robert Glasscock.

Thomas is a broadcast writer, content creator and traveler.  He fell in love with broadcasting as a kid role playing being an announcer with the nightly news. By 19 years of age he was working in radio and by 20, Thomas was anchoring the 6 and 10 o’clock news at an ABC affiliate network in Fayetteville, Arkansas while still a senior in college. He started a television production business in Dallas, Texas where he worked on national broadcasting programs for CBS, ESPN, and others. 

Thomas has narrated over 33 audio books for author Fred Dodson and 5 books for internationally recognized astrologer Steven Forrest.  Thomas has found home in western mountains of North Carolina after years of travel and adventures.

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