• Thanks Denise, Your counsel and insights on health and happiness and the road ahead are worth their weight in gold!  –John Derhak, Writer, and Author ofThe Bones of Lazarus   www.moerepublic.org
  • I’ve had two readings with Denise, one over the phone and one in-person. She was spot-on both times and delivered messages to me that were relevant, accurate and with integrity. She was very warm and kind; definitely a light-worker! I highly recommend her and will continue to have her do my periodic readings. 🙂 She is wonderful!   Alisha, Maine
  • In August of 2015 Denise did a reading on my behalf.  She indicated changes would happen within a specified time frame. Within the shorter end of this time frame there were SIGNIFICANT/UNEXPECTED life changing events that occurred.  Changes that have directly impacted the future for both me and my husband.. This particular reading has been the most POWERFUL one to date. Regardless of the outcome, Denise has always left me feeling positive and uplifted.

    I have had the opportunity to be present while Denise did a reading for a dear friend of mine, who was struggling with grief and doubt.  Although my friend was         skeptical at first, there came a powerful, emotional response… Denise, using “specific phrases” that was once used by my friends deceased husband, it brought           comfort, relief and validation to her life.  The changes that occurred are evident when you walk into her home these days.

   For The Pet Lover; Denise offered to connect with my aging, ailing Great Pyrenees, Willie. Thru Willie, Denise was able to validate my suspicions about his health.         There were a few surprises there as well..  I asked if there was anything Willie would like… there was a small list that he rattled off.. The most difficult question had       to do with his longevity…. She and Willie validated my decision.. The visit was full of information, more so than what I would have expected..  We shared laughs as       well as tears. It was a wonderful time. Then something wonderful happened. After time spent with Denise, Willie regressed to a time when he was about 5 yrs old.       Acting like a young dog, not one ailing… This wonderful experience lasted until it was time to leave…  At the end it was a peaceful, relaxing good-by.

   Thank you Denise, we love you….Willie and 2D.W.

  • Every time I ask Denise to do a reading for me, I am amazed!  The clarity that comes through her, the emotion and the higher vibrations always give me tingles all over.  I feel open, clear, vulnerable. Sometimes I cry because the connection of what she brings forth is so true to my circumstances.  I appreciate that Denise is one of the courageous souls who is willing to allow the Energies from beyond our realm to work through her.  There is a caring, a deep love and validation that Denise carries and that allows me to feel safe and uplifted every time I experience a reading from her.  Thank you Denise for holding space for the rest of us. There is Great Love for You. Rhonda Hunt McCarthy  www.healingdeepdarksecrets.com
  • Denise is a calming, compassionate soul who brings joy to my life. In the past when I have had readings I come away with a sense of pride, joy, love and purpose. Denise has a true gift !!! Feeling in need of guidance ? Contact Denise, you will be thankful that you did !!! –Ruth Fenn, Greenville
  • There is a cycle to life, a sort of ebb and flow, where things end, and new things begin. Within the cycle of endings I sometimes get complacent and cannot see and feel in the truest and highest interest for myself as easily as I can for others. I cannot see the ever so present light that is already shining on seedlings for new growth.

   Denise, you are the light that shines ever so brightly on my life, guiding me personally and professionally. Showing me the path where a cycle has ended and a new     one is germinating.

   I am ever so thankful for your beautiful presence and accurate guidance.

   Tammie Rogers, Lincolnville   www.tamirogers.com

  • Denise changed my life. When my Dad passed away unexpectedly it left me devastated, hopeless and confused. Denise and I met by accident or maybe an act of my Dad. I first talked to her by phone and that’s when light came back to my life. Denise told me my Dad was showing her a necklace with an oval charm on it – I had just ordered a “thumbie” (a necklace with my Dad’s thumb print). If that didn’t shock me, what happened next confirmed she really was communicating with my Dad.  My Dad communicated he would leave me feathers to show me he was around. After a few more basic messages of “I love you, I miss you, I’m safe and ok”, I took a short walk to where we had buried half my Dad’s ashes and right there were 2 feathers. What an unbelievable feeling. I still find feathers in the most random places, as do my children; we call them Grandpa feathers. He can no longer be with us physically but with Denise’s gift I can communicate with my Dad (which I do often with an amazing message every time). I can not put into words how grateful I am to have Denise come into my life.

-Taylor Baines, Camden

  • If you want some advice that is “dead on” & down to earth, then give Denise a call and set up a meeting with her.  We all know we can talk to our own inner guidance anytime – anywhere, but every day life and our own insecurities can sometimes drown out the messages we want to receive.  Denise is the receiver, the “grateful messenger”. She is the go to “radio station” if you will… that can tune in and sharpen the meaning of the message that you need to hear.  Les Ferguson,  www.fixitfarmmaine.com
  • Denise, I just wanted to reach out to you and thank you giving me such a spot on, emotional and eye opening reading. We talked on the phone on Tuesday night. I’m the one who lives in Maryland and has the lovely self conscious weight issue lol! I can not thank you enough for taking the time to explain your thoughts and predictions so thoroughly. After talking with you, I felt so energized and refreshed. You truly opened up my eyes to so many things in my life and I can’t thank you enough. Towards the end of the reading you mentioned two people in my life who have passed away and your description of them was chilling. I had tears in my eyes as you so vividly described my poppops quirks and the way my aunt spoke. Thank you so much for connecting me with them because the love I have for them both is endless and just hearing they are okay was so comforting. You are such a talented psychic medium but I want you to know that you also are helping people in a level that’s much more deeper than that. I hope you know how many lives you touch and that your gift is so worthy! I aspire to be as intuitive and in touch with the lovely spirit world as you are one day. Just had to come on here and thank you so incredibly much! Feel free to use this as a testimonial but also this was me personally reaching out to you to thank you. –Lexie, Maryland