In this episode we are very grateful to welcome Ben LeVine! Ben is the Co-Founder and Chief Herbalist of RASA, a company focused on ethically sourced, adaptogen-infused herbal coffee alternative. Please join us as we explore the deep connection between the science and spirituality of plant medicine!

Ben’s lifelong profound connection with plants harkens back to his earliest memories of exploring the wonderment of the family orchard. As a young man he traveled the globe, working on farms from India to Alaska and learning traditional plant ceremonies from Ethiopia to Ecuador. Ben earned an MSc in Clinical Herbalism with a focus on adaptogens.

This led to the coveted position of Senior Botanical Buyer for the Celestial Seasonings company. He was responsible for sourcing and buying over 10 million pounds of herbs each year. But with this also came the realization of the dark underbelly of this industry. Watching the world’s precious botanical resources being ravaged and uncontrolled harvesting and over-exploitation led Ben following his moral compass and call of the plants to become an integral part of RASA which is built on a foundation of plant
stewardship and radical sustainability.

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For our listeners: use the code ENLIGHTENED15 @ checkout for 15% off your purchase. Thank you Ben and RASA team for this very generous gift and offering!