In this episode, Samantha and Denise explore the similarities and differences between the Law of Assumption and the Law of Attraction!

The Law of Assumption is often credited to Neville Goddard’s teachings in which you assume the feeling of your wish fulfilled. Neville’s Law of Assumption requires you to feel the emotions that you would experience if your wish came true at this moment.

The world is yourself pushed out. Ask yourself what you want and then give it to yourself! Do not question how it will come about; just go your way knowing that the evidence of what you have done must appear, and it will.” – Neville Goddard

Here are some steps to help you fully integrate Neville’s Law of Assumption into your own life:

  1. Get crystal clear on what you want.
  2. Imagine in the first person.
  3. Imagine in detail using all 5 senses.
  4. Use your imagination to elicit a specific emotion.
  5. Make sure this emotion aligns with your desire.
  6. Bridge the gap between imagined and real.
  7. Repeat frequently.

Your brain doesn’t know the difference between that which is real and that which is imagined. It may be fun to see what you are able to manifest in your own life using these techniques and practices.

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