George Lizos is a spiritual teacher, psychic healer, Greek pagan priest, creator of Intuition Mastery School, as well as the bestselling author of books such as Be the Guru, Lightworkers Gotta Work, and Protect Your Light). He also hosts two podcasts – The Lit Up Lightworker and Can’t Host. He has been named one of the top fifty health and wellness influencers, and his work has been featured in Goop, PopSugar, and MindBodyGreen.  He’s on Enlightened Empaths today to talk about his newest book SECRETS OF GREEK MYSTICISM which is the first spiritual book about the Greek gods and goddesses written by a native, practicing priest of Hellenic Polytheism. Secrets of Greek Mysticism

In Secrets of Greek Mysticism,George reintroduces the gods and goddesses from a theological rather than a mythological perspective. He helps teach readers how to find each god or goddess within them. 

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