In this episode we do a bit of a dive into the 7 Rays. The Seven Rays is a concept that was popularized by esoteric teachers such as Alice Bailey and Madam Blavatsky but in fact has been around since at least the 6th century BC. It’s been taught by the Gnostics, Hindus and more recently the Theosophists.

Alice Bailey taught that each person has a soul ray that remains the same through all their incarnations, and a personality ray that is different for each incarnation. Each ray is connected to a spiritual master, a planet, a nation and different cycles. She wrote a book which divides everyone into one of these 7 rays. 

Trying to cover the 7 rays in one show is impossible since it’s a really complex topic that’s been written about and taught for centuries. But we hope to at least give you a basis to begin your own research if you find this interesting. Basically each ray has its own attribute and purpose and everything that ray shines upon is effected by this attribute. 

As we discussed, no ray is better or worse than another, just different, as each of us are as individuals. Here is a brief summary of each ray:

The first ray: WILL, POWER. Color: Red. Taurus and Pisces. Job/Goal: Faith in God’s will, protection. Said to represent the will of our creator. 

The second ray: LOVE, WISDOM. Color: Blue. Leo and Virgo. Job/Goal: Intelligence, knowledge. This ray is about love for the creator and desire for union and being a co-creator with God.

The third ray: ADAPTABILITY, ACTIVE INTELLIGENCE. Color: Green. Gemini and Libra. Job/Goal: Discernment of spirits, creativity. This ray is about all creative endeavors that work to share God’s light.

The fourth ray: BEAUTY THROUGH HARMONY or HARMONY THROUGH CONFLICT. Color: Yellow. Scorpio and Aquarius. Job/Goal: Working of Miracles. This ray is focused on building a solid foundation so that harmony can be restored.

The fifth ray: CONCRETE KNOWLEDGE or SCIENCE. Color: Orange. Capricorn. Job/Goal: Healing. This ray is focused on using science to understand ourselves and the world we live in.

The sixth ray: DEVOTION or ABSTRACT IDEALISM. Color: Violet. Cancer and Sagittarius. Job/Goal: Interpretation of spirit. This ray concentrates on honoring our creator and seeing behind the illusion to what is real and true.

The seventh ray: ORGANIZATION, RITUAL/CEREMONIAL MAGIC. Color: Indigo. Aries. Job/Goal: Prophecy, working miracles. This ray is focused on unifying the inner and outer worlds and expressing into reality the adage “as above, so below.”

No matter what ray you may align with, please remember there is only one you in this entire vast experience and together we can find more unity and peace. For more information you may want to visit: