In this episode, Samantha and Denise welcome Oliver Niño, the creator of the Geo Love Healing Methodology. As The Spiritual Activator, Oliver focuses on teaching people how to identify, activate, and master their spiritual gifts. He works on the entire energetic system, going straight to the root of the issue with one’s aura, chakras, blood, organs, physical body, cellular level, DNA, gestational, generational, and karmic. His healing usually takes effect after only one session, rather than over a course of a long period of time.  

Oliver is a sacred geometry and energy activation expert, and thought leader. He has reached almost two million students, has a combined social following of 1.5M+ and has an extensive celebrity clientele. He is on a mission to teach others how to clear, protect, and unblock their energy so they can attract more abundance, love, and purpose in their lives.

Oliver’s teachings and energy activation sessions have profoundly impacted the lives of public figures like Nina Dobrev, Gwyneth Paltrow, Donna Karan, Demi Moore, Gerard Butler to personal development legends like Tony Robbins. He has also worked with numerous CEOs, thought leaders, leading motivational speakers as well as everyday people. 

Coming up, in 2023, Oliver will be releasing his first book through Hay House. Spiritual Activator: 5 Steps to Clearing, Unblocking, and Protecting Your Energy to Attract More Love, Joy, and Purpose is available for pre-order on Amazon.

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