Joining us on the show today is Elaine Clayton, author of The Way of the Empath: How Compassion, Empathy and Intuition Can Heal Your World. Elaine Clayton is an artist and author/illustrator of several books for children and adults on intuitive intelligence. She is an intuitive reader, Reiki Master, and teacher of intuitive empathic development. She has taught in premier independent schools in Atlanta, Boston, and New York City and as visiting author/artist in cities around the U.S. Elaine studied at the School of Visual Arts in New York where she earned a Master of Fine Arts. Her editorial art includes work for the New York Times, New York Times Book Review, and books by Pulitzer Prizewinning author Jane Smiley and author Gregory Maguire.
She’s with us today to discuss the challenges and gifts Empaths encounter such as managing time, seeking and recognizing signs from the Universe, and learning to incorporate self-care through empathic drawing and connecting with nature. 
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