Please join Denise and Samantha as they welcome Mary Firestone, author of the book Trusting the Dawn, her story of childhood trauma and the adult trauma of surviving horrific and cataclysmic natural disasters.

Mary earned her Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from Pepperdine University after graduating with a Bachelor’s in English from Princeton.  When she was 18 and away at college, Mary made the decision to heal from her past, sought counseling and the next year, became a peer educator and Take Back the Night organizer, continuing her own healing journey as well as supporting others with theirs.  She also dove into the world of alternative medicine including energy healing, Reiki, yoga, acupuncture, and flower remedies; truly learning a variety of different methods to heal on every level from trauma. 

Her new book, Trusting the Dawn is the story of her childhood trauma, as well as her adulthood trauma and survival during the 2017 California wildfires and evacuation (while pregnant), and subsequent 2018 mudslide which took her brand new family home.  In Trusting the Dawn, Mary draws from both her own real-life experiences and her background in clinical psychology to offer a radical, integrative handbook for not only healing from trauma but awakening to even more joy and meaning because of your experiences. 

In the words of Dr. Joe Dispenza, “[Trusting the Dawn] is medicine for anyone who wants to free their mind, body, and soul from the past.”

Mary has been featured in numerous outlets such as Forbes, Travel & Leisure, Observer, Goop and Angelo. She and her sister Lucy founded a company,  Firestone Sisters, Inc, where they offer their Wild Precious Life Retreats and aim to provide others with healing and growth opportunities through experiences and products.  Their retreats have featured well-known speakers such as Joe Dispenza, Dr. Jennifer Freed, and Lauren Roxburgh.  

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