Online Courses


In the Mediumship 101 Course, we help you build a strong foundation of skills to validate and enhance your natural ability as a medium.  Every week there are multiple handouts, lectures, and discussions as well as personal and partner exercises.  

Mediumship 101 will be offered again in early 2020!


The Advanced Mediumship Course is only for students who have completed the Mediumship 101 Course or have a strong foundation of skills.

In the Advanced Mediumship Course we will be building on the skills you learned in the Mediumship 101 Course. The format will be similar with direct instruction followed by an open forum session at the end of each class.  Ample handouts, personal and partner exercises, as well as new opportunities to bring your mediumship to the next level!


Advanced Mediumship

Thursdays: 7:00-8:30 pm EST

October 3,10,17,24