In this episode, we are discussing the fascinating world of numerology and how you can enhance your understanding of yourself, others and the world around you. Listen in as we talk about the numerology of your name, your birthdate and even your home.

You can learn more about a person by looking at the first vowel in their name. First vowel A people are hard workers and independent with a love of truth, loyalty and honesty. They vibrate to the number 1. First vowel E folks are lovers of love. They seek beauty, harmony and peace while also needing freedom and celebration. They vibrate to the number 5. First Vowel I are those who are very spiritual and wise, often referred to as old souls. These natural leaders vibrate with the number 9. First vowel O people tend to be very nurturing and sensitive, liking to take care of others. They do well working for themselves and vibrate with the number 6. First vowel U are great story tellers, in touch with their inner child and are super creative. These very colorful individuals vibrate to the number 3. And those with First Vowel Y are wise, spiritual, mystics and seekers. These natural intuitives vibrate to the number 7.

The energy of your home can be determined by adding up the numbers in your numerical address: 123 Main St. would be 1 + 2 + 3 = 6 These energies can manifest as the following:

1: Independent, ambitious, driven

2: Love, Peaceful

3: Laughter, open door, communication

4: Security, beauty, grounded, practical

5: Entertainment and drama, fun and spontaneous

6: Beauty and Children, nurturing

7: Study and intellectual development

8: Financial Achievement, hardworking

9: All welcome, spiritual, reward and recognition

A great resource book for further exploration of numerology: Glynnis Has Your Number by Glynnis McCants.