It seems like lately a lot of people I’m doing readings for are in major throughs of transition.  It may be relationship, job, moving, or inner personal work at a depth that is reinventing who they are for the next part of the game. Status quo doesn’t seem to be holding the same weight it has in the past.

It’s unsettling. What starts as a sense of excitement and optimism, turns to a white knuckle ride of self doubt and uncertainty.  For years the topic in the juju community has been about the big shift coming; personally, I think we’re already in it. So many people for so many different reasons can’t seem to pretend anymore.  Masks are falling away and we’re left with some very vulnerable yet extremely hopeful people looking at life with a fresh perspective.

Leap and the net will appear.  It’s hidden in song lyrics, motivational posters, spiritual references, and is a motto for those who are just in the mood for a big free fall at the whim of the Universe. Some people can go ride a roller coaster and get enough of an adrenaline rush to last for the rest of the year.  Others need to test the waters every now and again and take one hell of a leap.  For them, the alternative is stagnation and settling for a life that doesn’t feed their soul. Neither is right or wrong but if all it takes for you is a roller coaster ride, get your ass on a roller coaster and throw your arms up high!

It doesn’t have to be as drastic and over the top of totally reinventing your life.  Maybe one step today towards what truly feeds your soul and brings you joy is all that really needs to happen. The density of our Earth form limits us, yet offers so many incredible opportunities to experience this ride that is ours and ours alone.

I was feeling a bit lost and morose the other day when I sensed my grandmother’s presence.  She was French Canadian and we had a special bond I treasure to this day.  I asked her what I should do to break free and get back on track.  Her answer:  “Dance!” I laughed because when she was a little girl she said she would be admonished by her father when she would dance so she would wait until no was looking and she’d dance like crazy.  I put on some Motown and danced like crazy…she was right, it was exactly what I needed.  Thank you Memere, I love you XO