All mediums are psychic, but not all psychics are mediums.  Mediums connect with those in Spirit to bring solace, comfort, and validation that life continues on after leaving the density of our bodies. Psychics tune into your energetic frequency to provide insight about what is happening in your life and to offer possible outcomes for future events. For those of us who are highly sensitive, a psychic reading is often a means to validate and support what we already know in our hearts to be true.

The word psychic comes from the Greek word “psychikos” meaning “of the mind” or “of the psyche”. People have been seeking guidance and insight since the Greeks would journey to see the Oracle at Delphi. Pythia, the priestess of Apollo, would give cryptic answers of the future to those who traveled to seek her wisdom. Socrates could be considered the original skeptic of psychic ability as he spent his life trying to disprove the Oracle’s revelation that he was the wisest man in Athens. After questioning everyone he could find  and receiving no answers to sate his search for meaning, he realized he was the wisest man as he was the only one who would admit his own ignorance rather than pretending he knew something he truly did not.

A reading with a psychic can be an excellent way to gain perspective about a decision you’re trying to make or to help you identify influences that you may not have recognized as having an effect, positive or negative.   Sometimes you’re just too close or may not what to see what’s right in front of you.  A reading may help to alert you to trends, possibilities, or help you find the clarity to make a more balanced decision.

Many psychics will use some form of divination tool to align with your energy as well as the collective unconscious, a global data base of symbolism that we all seem to tap into and support.  Tarot cards, runes, tea leaves, numbers, or charts all are a means to an end.  When I use the Tarot, it’s a way to quickly tap into your energy and have a jumping off point for messages to come through.  I often give the actual meaning of the card then the intuitive hit that accompanies it.  Psychometry, holding an object or someone’s hands, can also provide this jump-start to connecting with someone’s energetic field.

If you do go to a reading and anyone mentions spells, healings, or curse removal, run like hell! You my dear are in the middle of a bullshit parade.  For anyone who does this work to try to help people connect with their own inner knowing and light, it’s morally offensive to think there are those out there trying to manipulate and scare people who are vulnerable or looking for answers.  The coolest thing in all of this is you have the ultimate gift of free will.  You choose your course of action. Nothing I or anyone else can say in a reading is a strict determinant of what is going to happen in your life.  It may be one path that presents but again, it’s your choice to follow that path or take another.  Usually before I start a reading with someone I’ll say “This is the energy around you right now which is subject to change.  You always have the gift of free will so none of this is etched in stone.” It may not be those exact words every time but the message is the same, we’re always making choices as to where our destiny leads.

During a reading, try to relax and be open. If you have something specific you want to focus on, mentally prepare by thinking about it. It’s frustrating and disappointing if you get all the way through a reading and what you really wanted insight on didn’t come up. Please ask. Just as an aside, if you don’t really want the answer, don’t ask the question. If you bring a friend to your reading, you may end up sharing your time. Psychics pick up on energy and no matter how hard we try to differentiate, we may hone in on your friend’s issue rather than yours. Again, it’s your choice and having a friend with you may give you the moral support you need or may help to validate what comes through with a more objective viewpoint.

Many people want a definitive timeline of when an event is going to happen.  We live in a time based existence.  From all I’ve read and experienced, there is no time outside of this dimension.  Often I’ll see a calendar and will give this information as a potential time-table for an event.  Sometimes its spot on and other times that month may come and go with nothing happening. At times I’ll see a seasonal indicator such as when the tulips come up or the last of the foliage.  The bottom line is we’re human and no matter how intuitive and insightful a person may be, they’re going to make mistakes.

The best way to find reputable people doing this work is by word of mouth.  Written testimonials that resonate with you or with what you are hoping to find from a reader are another positive option.  A psychic reading is not about predictions, parlor games, or an easy way out of making a decision. With the right person, a reading can truly help you find peace with your own inner knowing.