I truly believe my role in being a psychic medium is to get out of the way so those in Spirit can bring you the messages you need to hear. I am so very grateful to be able to share what comes very naturally to me with those who are seeking answers, insight, peace, or healing from grief.

I’ve spent my life researching, learning, practicing, and probably most importantly accepting that we are all so much more than carbon based shells.  We all have intuition, an inner guidance and knowing, that is always on stand by to help us try to make sense of what the hell we’re doing here!

The point of this site is obviously my proverbial leap of faith to publicly acknowledge the fact that, damn, I see and talk to dead people and I pick up shit about you that not many people may know! If you’re interested in a reading, this is a way to get the needed information and contact me.

But equally important, I also want to share information that will help you find your own inner truth and knowing.  I’ve spent my entire life learning about so many aspects of metaphysics, I truly want to share what I may know and research what I don’t.  Please feel free to send me a note if there is anything particular you’re interested in learning.

In my heart, I know we’re finally waking up.  The more of us who take that step to be who we came here to become will help promote joy in these times of transition and change.