Please join us for a fun and insightful journey exploring the Numerology of your life path number and how the Major Arcana of the Tarot correlates and supports your destiny! In Part I, Samantha gives you in-depth information and stories about the life path numbers 1 through 4, while Denise shares how the the first four major cards of the Tarot align beautifully with these energies.

Life Path Number 1: Walks the Path of the Leader:  Highest Path In Numerology , the Number 1 is naturally independent, brave, courageous, and can be risk takers. Corresponding Tarot Card: Magician: Action, Empowerment, Choice. You have all the tools you need to move forward.

Life Path Number 2: The Peace Maker: Those with a Life Path number 2 are very strong and powerful  yet display this strength through diplomacy rather than force. A Life Path number 2 thrives best with a life partner who will compromise and is willing to put time and care into a relationship. Corresponding Tarot: High Priestess: Trusting your intuition; cycles in your life; she always shows you what you need.

Life Path Number 3: Creativity and Self Expression: The Life Path number 3 has an abundance of creative energy and love to communicate through written and spoken words. They tend to be optimistic, charismatic, extremely generous and are able to find positive in everything around them. Threes are great listeners and are very conscious of other people’s feelings and emotions so they often can easily put people around them at ease. Corresponding Tarot Card: Empress: Mother, Motherhood, Creativity, Nurturing , Caregiving.

Life Path Number 4: Builders: The Life Path Number 4 is about stability and traditionally represents the elements and 4 seasons. Fours were born to provide support and stability through hard work and attention to detail. Life path number 4s are stable, hard-working, intelligent people who perfect their skills sets through perseverance. Corresponding Tarot Card: Emperor: Father, Father Figure, Boss, Action.

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